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Utilities At Barefoot Campsites, Appleford.

‘Back to basics,’

… but not quite!


This may not be as ‘wild’ as camping under a hand-made shelter, or in the Scottish Highlands, but our aim is to give you a camping experience which is as simple, wild and back to basics as possible.Campfire Facilities, Barefoot Campsites, Appleton

This aim has been a real winner with our campers to date (we’ve even converted some diehard electric hook-ups campers) and part of what makes our campsites so special, but if you struggle with composting toilets and brushing your teeth with a mug of water, this is probably not the campsite for you.


Composting Toilets
Chemical Toilet Disposal Point
Drinking Water
Washing Up
Electric Hook-up?
Rubbish & Recylcing
Camping Shower Hut
Dogs and Dog Walking
BBQs - we're smokin'!
Picnic Tables - for an alfresco lunch or even a candle-lit dinner!
Don't forget your torch - when it's dark, it's dark!
What about wi-fi and mobile signal?
Is there a campsite shop?



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