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Utilities At Barefoot Campsites, Appleford.

‘Back to basics,’

… but not quite!


This may not be as ‘wild’ as camping under a hand-made shelter, or in the Scottish Highlands, but our aim is to give you a camping experience which is as simple, wild and back to basics as possible.Campfire Facilities, Barefoot Campsites, Appleton

This aim has been a real winner with our campers to date (we’ve even converted some diehard electric hook-ups campers) and part of what makes our campsites so special, but if you struggle with composting toilets and brushing your teeth with a mug of water, this is probably not the campsite for you.


Composting Toilets

Composting Toilets

An photo-19 Compost toiletenvironmental alternative to a chemical loo, composting toilets are becoming increasingly popular in remote locations where there is a limited power and water supply or where no waste treatment is available.

The composting toilets have been designed especially for us by Free Range Designs.

To find out more about our Composting Toilets and how they work click here

Composting Urinals

We photo-18 L'urinatorbelieve we were the first, and still one of the few campsites, to have composting urinals. This model, designed in the south of France for beer festivals, then went into production for sale at the end of June 2013 and arrived from France in time for our campers in early July. They were an instant success.

“… We were all fascinated by the L’Urinaire and thought the composting toilets were some of the best kept that we have seen…”    Caroline,  28th July 2013.

Chemical Toilet Disposal Point

Chemical Disposal Toilet Point

If you have small children and don’t want to make too many trips to the composting toilets at night, feel free to bring your own camping toilet. A chemical disposal point is located in the Lower Lock Paddock at Northmoor.

Drinking Water
Log Pods at Barefoot Campsites, Appleford.

Drinking water

Mains drinking water taps are located in all our campsites.

Washing Up
Washing up at Barefoot Campsites, Appleton.

Washing Up

Washing up is ‘back to basics’ too – so don’t forget your washing up bowl and your kettle. There are washing-up tables near the showers for you to use and a soak-away sink, fitted with a fat-trap, to pour away your washing up water.

Please make good use of the food recycling caddy and scrape off as much food before washing up: Leftover rice, salad, breakfast cereal, other bits of food coffee granules quickly block the soak-away sink.

Please do not wash up under the water taps, not only does it make the ground very wet but any food or grease which ends up on the ground will encourage vermin – and none of us want that!

Electric Hook-up?

Electric Hook-up?

These are ‘back to basics’ campsites and there is NO electric hook up.

“…This site has converted us from die hard electric hook-up campers to wanting to do more of the real get away from it all camping…”  Cool Camping  review  simply lovely Written by NJF on September 9th, 2013

Rubbish & Recylcing

Rubbish & Recycling

We ask you to do your bit to protect the environment by using the recycling facilities. Individual recycling caddies are available for loan during your visit. Please only place items which cannot be recycled in the general rubbish bins.

Thank you.

The following items can be recycled:

Recycling Facilities at Barefoot Campsites, Appleton

    • Glass bottles
    • Plastic bottles
    • Drink cans
    • Food tins
    • Juice cartons & other tetrapacks
    • Yoghurt pots
    • Paper & cardboard
    • Aluminium & plastic food trays

Small caddys with composting bags are available for food waste. Please recycle as much as possible and only use the rubbish bins for items which cannot be recycled.

“…We are keen recyclers so it was excellent to be able to separate our waste in the bins you provided, a lot of thought has gone into these details, the locking lids on the bins will definitely have stopped any smells and prevented attracting animals to our tents…”   Mike and Shelley,  30th May 2013

Camping Shower Hut

Camping Shower Hut

photo-16 Shower Hut

“…there’s something magical about showering in a wooden room in gorgeous surroundings!..”  Cool Camping  review  simply lovely Written by NJF on September 9th, 2013

Although this is a ‘back to basics’ campsite, we have 2 camping gas-fired camping showers for those who would like to rinse off after a swim in the river or freshen up. Please note, this is not a shower block and there are no basins – you’ll need to brush your teeth and shave like we did in the 70’s – with a mug of water!

“The showers were a welcomed success…”   Mike and Shelley,  30th May 2013

Dogs and Dog Walking

Dogs and Dog Walking

Most well-behaved dogs are welcome but you must include them on the ‘request a pitch’ form and abide by the ‘Doggy do’s and don’ts code’:

Doggy do’s and don’t Code:

If you want to bring your pet on holiday with you, you will need to agree to the following conditions:

  • Well behaved dogs are welcome but they must be booked in prior to your visit.
  • Whilst we are aware that the way a dog is raised has a considerable impact on whether a dog is dangerous, we are mindful of the number of children on site. After discussing the situation with the police and RSPCA we have taken the decision not to allow any of the dogs listed in the top 10 for killing or causing serious harm to children. Please do not ask us to make exceptions for your dog:1. Staffordshire Bull Terriers
    2. Rottweilers
    3. Japanese Akitas
    4. German Shepherds (Alsatians)
    5. Pit Bull Terriers
    6. Bullmastiffs
    7. Huskies
    8. English Bull Terriers
    9. Dobermans (Doberman Pinschers)
    10. American Bulldogs


  • Many children, and some adults, are afraid of dogs – even your very friendly family pet! ALL dogs must therefore be kept under control at all times, and on a lead when not in the immediate vicinity of your pitch. Do not allow them to roam freely anywhere around the campsite, carpark or along the lock road to the village.sheep in the riverside fieldsPlease also be aware, that both the fields belonging to the farm around the campsite and the fields belonging to the farm along the Thames Path on the opposite side of the river either contain livestock or are managed for ground nesting birds. Unfortunately, this means you will not be able to exercise your dog off the lead.


  • Please bring ‘poo-bags’ to clean up any mess, even in the hedgerows as children like to explore there. Poo bags can now be placed in all ‘general rubbish’ bins. Please do not hang bags in the hedgerows!



In addition:

  • Dogs are not permitted inside the Log Pods or Bell Tents
  • Noise should be kept to a minimum. If your dog is likely to bark when someone walks past your tent, please advise us of this in advance so that we can try to allocate a pitch away from ‘traffic’ areas.
  • We reserve the right to ask you to leave if your dog has anti-social behaviour.  Campsite fees will not be refunded.

Campfires … at the heart of Barefoot camping…

“…the real camp fires provided a great end to each evening, it was quite a sight to see all the fires burning around us in the darkness…”   Mike and Shelley,  30th May 2013

Many of you will know that in 2016, with great sadness we had to ban campfires on the campsite following a complaint of too much smoke. This was partly due to some campers a) bringing their own unseasoned firewood and b) gathering unseasoned wood and twigs from the surrounding hedgerows. We were also aware that some campers were bringing other wood products to burn – pallets, DIY waste etc. This has always been strictly prohibited.

 In 2017 we carefully managed the campfire situation on a weekend by weekend basis with a combination of seasoned firewood from local, sustainably managed woodland; smokeless ‘hotties’ manufactured in the UK from renewable clean wood residues; and kindling from ‘Raw Workshop’ – a social impact project who employ, train and support people from local communities who face prejudice and barriers to work.

Campfire Facilities, Barefoot Campsites, Appleton
From 2018 are we are now hopeful that we’ll be able to keep the campfires burning, however, only firewood purchased on the campsite may now be used for campfires.

“…allowing fires really makes it feel like “proper” camping…”   Carolina (and Anna and Mike),  21stAugust 2013

Each Log Pod has it’s own campfire area and there are others around the site for campers. We make sure everyone has access to a campfire – whether that’s individually or for your group.

Campfire also need to be treated with respect – if you’re going to have a campfire please follow our Campfire Code

Campfire Code:

  • Only firewood purchased on the campsite may now be used for campfires.
  • Light campfires only in existing fire pit areas.
  • DSCN7074If you plan to have a campfire, consider where you pitch your tent: Don’t pitch too close to your fire-pit (minimum distance 3m) and try to avoid pitching your tent downwind of your campfire or you tent may fill with smoke.
  • Kept your campfire to a manageable size and under control at all times and ensure that any smoke does not annoy other site users.
  • Under no circumstances should you use an accelerant on your campfire such as BBQ fuel, petrol or diesel Kindling and firelighters are available for purchase on the campsite.
  • Please do not gather wood from the hedgerows around the campsite: Apart from unseasoned or damp wood generating too much smoke, wood left to decay naturally plays an important part in the lifecycle of insects. Willow also has a tendency to spark which may leave pin holes in your tent!
  • Never leave your campfire unattended and make sure it is fully extinguished before you go to bed or leave site.
  • Helpful advice on campfire safety, lighting, maintaining and extinguishing your campfire can be found at: www.campfiresburning.org
  • If you want to cook over your campfire, we have a limited number of fire bowls available for hire and new (reusable) grills available for purchase. Please enquire.
  • In very dry conditions the building of campfires may be restricted.

Download Campfire & BBQ Codes

BBQs - we're smokin'!

Enjoy a Barefoot BBQ with your friends

Like campfires, cooking over a campfire is part of the fun of being outdoors!

BBQ Facilities Barefoot Campsites, Appleton
BBQ Facilities Barefoot Campsites, Appleton

BBQ Facilities Barefoot Campsites, Appleton
photo-17 Campfire











BBQ Code:

  • BBQs are encouraged, but please make sure they are raised sufficiently to prevent the grass burning.  Please note: The small stands provided with instant BBQs are NOT adequate to prevent the BBQ burning the grass.
  • (Hint: If you loosen the edge of the grill before use, when you have finished cooking you can carefully tip the charcoal remains into your firepit to help get your campfire going. Take care not to burn your fingers though!)
  • Please DO NOT place BBQs on the wooden picnic tables.
  • Please light your BBQ in your campfire area.
Picnic Tables - for an alfresco lunch or even a candle-lit dinner!

Picnic Tables – for an alfresco lunch or even a candle-lit dinner!

Log Pods at Barefoot Campsites, Appleford.

These sturdy 6-seat wooden picnic tables are great … for kids and grown-ups alike.
We have a limited number available for hire.

If you would like to book one, we recommend you do so when you book your pitch.

If you’re staying in a Log Pod or Bell Tent, a picnic table is included in your pitch fee.

“…the picnic tables are a brilliant touch…”   Sadie,  12th August 2013

Don't forget your torch - when it's dark, it's dark!

Don’t forget your torch: When it’s dark, it’s dark!

When you stay at Barefoot Campsites we want you to be able to see the stars so there’s no artificial light and unless there’s a good moon, when the sun goes down it’s dark!

Don’t forget, our campsites are all car-free so you won’t be able to use your car headlights to pitch your tent – one of the reasons why we ask you to arrive before sunset.

“…You do need to heed the advice sent by the owners before arrival and pack a very good torch – it is pitch black after sunset and there are no lights anywhere including in the loos…. Cool Camping  review  simply lovely Written by NJF  on September 9th, 2013

What about wi-fi and mobile signal?

Do we have wi-fi?

In a word, no, we’re pretty much off-grid as far as wi-fi is concerned! At first we thought this would be a downside but it’s turned out to be positive. Whilst wi-fi can be very useful, so many of you have told us that you’ve been able to completely switch off without emails continually pinging on your mobiles and tablets. With no wi-fi you’re not even tempted to check what’s going on in the office over the weekend or family holiday.

(If you’re really desperate they do have wi-fi in the local pubs)

Mobile signal

Mobile signal varies depending on your network. Vodaphone seems to work reasonably well as does EE. If you do get a good signal with your network somewhere on the campsite please let us know and we’ll start to build up a campsite network map!

Is there a campsite shop?

Is there a campsite shop?

In a word, no, however, the Award Winning Appleton Community Shop in the village is only a short walk away and stocks a good range of food products.

Monday to Friday: 7am-7pm
Saturdays: 8am-3pm in June, July and August
Sundays: 8.30am-12 midday



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