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Hello campervan explorers

We have just the spot for you…


Sitting alongside the River Thames, adjacent to the Thames Path and 11 miles upstream of Oxford, the Upper and Lower Lock Paddocks at Northmoor Lock are amongst the most beautiful riverside camping locations in Oxfordshire.

Although predominantly a car-free tent site, we’re happy to accept smaller campervans, short wheel base only, so have allocated an area especially for you. Please note, this area is slightly ridged so bear this in mind if you’re wanting to add an awning.

    • Beautiful riverside location
    • Great views of the River Thames
    • Spacious, uncrowded pitches
    • Campfires and BBQs permitted
    • Wild swimming
    • Fishing permits available
    • Bring your canoe
    • Vehicle access via private road


Pitch FeesCheck Availability & Request a PitchThe Site
Upper Lock Paddock at Barefoot Campsites, Appleton.

2018 Campervan Fees (per night)

    Short wheel base campervans only
    Minimum 2 night booking at weekends
    Minimum 3 night booking over Bank Holiday weekends

            • Adults (age 18+) : £12.50 per night
            • Teenagers (age 11-17) : £5 per night
            • Children (age 5-10) : £4 per night
            • Pre-school (age 4 & under) : No charge
            • Pull-out canopy : No charge
            • Awnings : £15

                Please note, the campervans are pitched in an area which is not so suitable for tents as there is a slight ridge to the site. This will affect your awning too.
                (The photo below was not take on our campsite)

                Upper Lock Paddock at Barefoot Campsites, Appleton.Campervan awnings used to look like this, but these days, like tents, awnings are getting bigger and bigger to the point that they often end up bigger than the campervan itself. If your awning is particularly large we may need to charge for an additional pitch.

                We now require the make and model of awnings before we can confirm availability.

      Check-in after 2pm, please vacate your pitch by 1pm on departure day

Optional extras (per visit)

          • Additional Vehicle : £10
          • Hire of Picnic Table : £10
Upper Lock Paddock at Barefoot Campsites, Appleton.

Campervan, Log Pod or Tent

To book a campervan, log pod, or tent pitch at Northmoor Lock Paddocks, please visit our ‘Availability Overview’ page via the link below.  From there you will be able to ‘Request a Pitch’. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to confirm availability. Camping fees must then be submitted in full to secure your booking.

Northmoor Lock Paddocks is a small campsite:  We take great care not to overcrowd the site so when completing your booking request you will need to include the following information as appropriate:

              • the make and model of your campervan (short wheel base only)
              • the size (stated capacity) of your tent: 2-man, 4-man etc
              • the make and model of 5-man and larger tents
              • whether you would like to add an awning or extension to your campervan or tent

Book now

Want to come with friends?

Many campsites no longer allow groups but as long as the groups who do come don’t cause a problem for other campers we’re happy to welcome them. Having said that, we have found in the past that, inevitably, the larger the group, the more noise they make: This can easily overwhelm individuals, couples, families, and those who have come to relax and unwind and is partly why we now only allow small groups.

It therefore probably goes without saying that if you’re looking for a location for a noisy birthday, stag or hen party, then this is not the site for you!

Even with a small group, noise levels can rise easily, particularly when gathered around a campfire in the evenings, so we ask you to be aware of this and mindful of others on the campsite, especially after 9pm and before 8am in the morning.

Each family will need to submit their own booking request, agree to the campsite code and pay their pitch fees etc, however, before they do that you’ll want to know if we can accommodate your group as a whole so, here’s how to enquire:

                  • (1a) Start by completing a booking request for yourself, that way we’ll have all the details for booking your own pitch.
                  • (1b) When you have completed your own pitch details, you’ll find an option to provisionally reserve/’pencil in’ additional pitches for your friends whether that be a log pod, campervan or tent pitch.
                  • (1c) When you’ve completed this, submit your form.
                  • (2) We’ll look at the details for your pitch and the additional pitches you’ve asked us to ‘pencil in’ and confirm with you whether we can accommodate your group.
                  • (3) If we are able to say ‘yes’ to your group, you then need to ask your friends to visit our website to submit their own booking request. We’ll tie up their requests with the pitches provisionally reserved/’pencilled in’ for them by you so that you can camp close together.
Tent pitches – please note

In order for us to check availability for your group as a whole you’ll need to include the size of each tent (2-man, 3-man, 4-man etc), so please check this with each ‘family’ when you’re discussing your holiday plans. Please also note that we only accept small campervans, such as the old VW’s, not motorhomes.
It’s important that the information you provide at this stage is correct: If you reserve a pitch for your friends and they subsequently submit details for a larger tent or campervan, chances are we won’t be able to accommodate them and that would be a shame.

Northmoor Lock – Upper Lock Paddock

Tents and Campervans

Upper Lock Paddock at Barefoot Campsites, Appleton.

The Upper Lock Paddock, upstream of Northmoor Lock, stretches from north to south along the riverbank with views of the evening sunset across the river.

This site is on two levels with full sunshine on the site from early morning.

Upper Lock Paddock at Barefoot Campsites, Appleton.

Campervan pitches are on the upper level which is not as flat as the tent area on the lower level. Campervans are able to level themselves either by lining themselves along the ridge or by straddling the ridge, however, awnings may not be level with the campervan, as this illustration shows.

Campervan bits ‘n’ bobs

What facilities do you have?
Can we chose our own pitch?
Do you have electric hook-up?
Can we play music?
We have a campervan and a tent, can we pitch together?
We'd like a log pod too, can we pitch next to them?
Can we bring our dog?


Northmoor Lock Paddocks

Badswell Lane, Appleton, OX13 5JN
By CarBy BusBy Train

Directions by Car

IMG_1555.JPG DirectionsNorthmoor Lock Paddocks lies approximately 1 1/2 miles from the A420 Oxford to Swindon Road. From here, it’s only 4 miles to the A34.

The A34 links Oxford to the Midlands via the M40; to London via either the M40 or the M4; to Bath and Bristol via the M4; or on the A34 itself to Southampton and Bournemouth on the south cost, so getting to us is easy!

…from A420 Oxford – Swindon

Northmoor Lock from A420
Northmoor Lock: using a sat nav

Directions by Bus

IMG_3349 Directions - Public TransportIf friends are joining you using public transport, although there is a regular bus service which runs between Oxford and Swindon, it no longer passes through Appleton: It stops on A420 at the top of Oaksmere from where it is a walk of just under a mile into Appleton and a further half mile to the campsite.

Stagecoach route 66 timetable

Please note, the Oaksmere stop is not listed on the timetable. It’s the stop between Fyfield (A420) and Besselsleigh (Greyhound)

Other Bus Routes

Other Bus Routes

Directions by train

The closest train station to Northmoor Lock Paddocks is the main Oxford station (approximately 6 miles) – not to be confused with the new Oxford Parkway!

From the railway station, if you’re planning on coming by taxi, be sure to ask for ‘Appleton’ (you don’t want him taking you to Northmoor as this is on the opposite side of the river and it’s a 15 mile drive to get back to the Appleton side!), then give the taxi driver the information provided for arriving by car.

If friends are going to pick you up you could help them avoid the Oxford traffic by catching a bus as far as Botley (4 Abingdon, 4a Cumnor, 4b Elms Rise, 4c Dean Court, S1 Witney, X30 Wantage), Cumnor (4 Abingdon, 4a Cumnor, X30 Wantage, S66 Swindon), or Oaksmere (for Appleton) on A420 (S66)
All these buses leave from Frideswide Square, just outside the railway station, opposite the Said Business School.


There are 2 other possible stations: Didcot Parkway and the new Oxford Parkway station near Kidlington. There are no convenient busses from either of these stations so you’ll need to take a taxi or ask a friend to collect you.


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