Easter Fun!

So, what DO you do when you’re camping at Easter, the weather’s not great and there’s no TV, DVD, Playstation or XBox?

Well, Lucas and Lynne from Faringdon found plenty to do on Easter Saturday 2012, creating these beautiful Easter Nests from twigs and vegetation they found around the campsite. The Easter Bunny thought they were amazing too – and left a lovely chocolaty surprise in each one!

Lucas and Lynne obviously did a good job of building them, as the nests were still there 3 weeks later. Guests who stayed in the Log Pod over the following weekends loved them too and no-one could bear to break them up preferring that job be left to nature (I’m glad it’s been too wet to cut the grass or it would have been me who had to do it)

Great job Lucas and Lynne.

watch out Andy Goldsworthy!

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